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Converting Great Ideas Into Successful Businesses





No fees charged
If we believe in your idea, we will make it happen, and guide you through the entire process


Our Story

Together, we have more than 60 years of combined experience in starting, building and running our own successful businesses, both online and offline. We also have more than 30 years of experience in coaching and mentoring entrepreneurs and business clients and assisting them to develop and scale their own businesses.

We now assist entrepreneurs like you to take their ideas through our IDS process – from Innovation, through Development and onto Success in the marketplace.

You will benefit from our expertise in areas such as Business Development, Product Development, Market Research, Sales and Marketing, as well as Legal Compliance and Contracts, Funding Opportunities for qualifying businesses and assisting you to find a buyer for your business at a later stage.


Our Mission

To provide a partnership for qualified individuals and entrepreneurs, guiding them and steering them, as required,  from the product concept, through innovation and development, with funding where appropriate, market analysis and on to success in the marketplace.

We want to bring this opportunity to people like you who have a great idea but are unsure of where to get started in bringing your idea to the world.

Perhaps you don't have the capital to get started, or maybe you lack the experience to run a business


You may already have an idea that is ready to launch. We will help you identify the correct market and put your product in front of them.

Who we are

The Process



Selection Process


Get Started

No Fees

We have:

- Lawyers

- Accountants

- HR specialists

- Sales and marketing experts

- IT, Software and Technology development 

- Suppliers of any extra services you may need 

- Funding and investment opportunities

  ... all at your disposal

We will be:

- Your Mentors

- Your Consultants in all departments

- Your partners

Every great invention started 


... as a simple idea

How it works
Send Your Application Now

Tell us, in just a few sentences, why you think we should partner with you and how you think we could help you. Introduce us to your idea or product, and show us how it is innovative and differs from what is already available.

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